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Meet Heimdall.... 

His owner thought that there was no hope for him, however we worked tirelessly to modify his behavior!

Sweet Bernie! 

It is with great pleasure to share with you my training experience with Crystal Villarreal. Crystal makes the training experience very easy and comfortable for not only the owner but the dog as well. She takes time to be completely at one with the dog before the session even begins. Her technique almost seems like play time, but you quickly realize she is teaching.

We contacted Crystal regarding our puppy not wanting to come when called. When we would go to get him he would run from us. Scared that this would become a big issue further down the road we called Crystal and she immediately set up our appointment. Within the first half hour of our session our puppy, Rocky, was laying on command, and coming back when called. By the end of our session he was also heeling off leash. It was amazing. She also teaches with confidence, which by the end of the session I felt more confident in my ability to keep up the lessons learned after the sessions ended.

Crystal is very attentive to my dogs and any questions or concerns I have. If she doesn’t have an answer, she goes above and beyond to find the answers for me. I recommend Crystal to everyone I know that is in need of a trainer for a dog with behavioral issues or the proud new owner of a puppy.


Jennifer Heskett

Crystal and I have been friends for several years. When I saw that she was offering obedience training for dogs I decided my dog could use it. Since I like to support local businesses I thought this would be a good idea.

After working with her for one session I learned more during that time then I did in a five week session I had taken for my other dogs. After working with her for one hour my dog was already walking better on his leash. After the five weeks of training I can see a big difference when I am out in public with my dog. During training she was very knowledgeable and patient with us in training.

I have noticed such a difference that I have recommended her to several of my friends that were looking to take their dogs to obedience training.

Charlie Hein

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 I have had the pleasure with working one on one with Crystal Villarreal in a working/training environment with Hill Country K-9 for a 3 years. Crystal is such a wonderful person who is not only caring toward people but around the animals she was working with. She has a great work ethic and is proud and hardworking, and is very driven in the work that she does.

When we were shorthanded she was very flexible to work wherever we needed help and never had a problem.

We are in the business of dog training not only the dogs but the owners as well, we are always in a park setting. I watched Crystal take on some difficult cases, one in particular, where the owner was done with their pet and wanted to give him away. Crystal was able to work one on one with the owner and their four-legged friend and completely turn them around. It was a lot of hard work commitment and it took some time, but Crystal was patient and driven to get them to a point that would satisfy the owner.


Chantell Cameron