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Barbara Hein recommends Passion Fur Paws.

February 9 at 10:31 PM ·

❤️🐾 crystal is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to working with dogs 🐕. She does amazing job with teaching your best friend everything you need to know and starting you and your pup out on the right paw . And equally Is amazing with older dogs that just need a few little things corrected :) I highly recommend her

Puppy Preschool 1 - 4 week program (we meet once a week)

Puppy Preschool 2 - 4 week program (we meet once a week)

Your puppy must be at least 8 weeks of age and had their first round of vaccines and deworming 7 days before the first class starts and keep up on vaccinations during class.

Puppy one will focus on basic commands but we teach through play because the puppies need something to work for, which is play and love and praise, we use the lure method using treats to teach the skill and then we will start to fade the treats out towards the middle of Basic two and that's where we will start to add a few small distractions in a way that sets the puppy up for success and we start raising the bar as far as performance with the basic commands. We are getting them ready for Basic one. 

Puppies are so mold-able from the moment they are born, they are amazing. People think about getting puppies and think "Oh goodness, there goes the house" Yes, a puppy WILL keep you on your toes but when you educate yourself and do the right things, life with a puppy can be much more enjoyable rather than stressful.

The 3 most important reasons that I teach puppies so young is:

1. Teaching socialization

2. Teaching puppies to enjoy interacting with and being handled by people, in a safe controlled environment (we will do this inside Tractor Supply)

3. To start the foundation of teaching reliable obedience, so that the puppies promptly and willingly respond to verbal commands and hand signals even when distracted 

This class is a more relaxed and fun version of the basic class, with lower expectations. We will teach your puppy how to get used to walking on a leash, with a casual heel command (not a structured heel), come, sit, stay, and leave it. 

There is a lot of focus on socialization because this seems to be a major problem in older dogs that I do behavior modification with because they never received proper socialization in a safe environment as puppies and I want to eliminate that and help you raise a very confident and well behaved puppy. I also do a puppy camp where I keep your puppy all day for 5 days (from 9ish-5ish) and give them the experiences of the world in a positive way. As working puppy parents you may not have the time to give your pup all the exposure that I can by working with them all day long.