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Puppy Day Camp - Ages 9 weeks to 4 months


Passion Fur Paws has an AMAZING Puppy Daycare Socialization and Training Camp for puppies 10-18 weeks of age! 

You get to drop of your new furry family member to me for the day Monday-Froday from 9-5 and we go on all sorts of adventures and focus on creating positive experience to new things that could be scary for a pup that's new to this big scary world. We also have a scavenger hunt that we do through the week!

As a dog trainer, I see way too many behavioral issues.

Problems we see in today’s dogs:

*fear *anxiety *fear of handling *fear of new places

*phobias *stranger danger *crate busting


Add problems like:

 being taken from mom too early

 inexperience raising a puppy

 busy households inconsistent schedules/routines/training pet owners working long hours

 being passed from home to home


The busier that pet owners get, the more that small problems will appear. Those small problems turn into big problems. Then more problems appear…and the behaviors get WORSE, instead of better!

We will also take “First day of school” pictures and have a graduation ceremony!!!

GOOD NEWS! While we can’t fix everything that a puppy and owner might encounter, 

in a short 1-3 week program, (you choose the length) we sure can accomplish a lot!

Your puppy will learn:

• Eye contact, Engagement, & Focus

• Patience, Crate Tolerance, & Learning to be calm

• Housetraining

• Mock Vet Exams, Restraints, and Body handling

• Collar handling & Leash Manners Grooming handling & restraint (nail clipping, ears, baths, blow dry)

• Basic obedience - SIT, WAIT, BACK, LEAVE-IT, OFF, COME & name recognition

• To avoid “stranger danger” by meeting as many new people as possible

• To avoid “noise phobias” by having FUN while listening to noises such as babies crying, loud trucks, fireworks, gunshots, kids screaming, vacuums, & dogs barking. We’ve got them all!

• Dog-to-dog social skills - with our own “Puppy Ambassador Dogs”

The concept is that puppies can receive targeted real-life experiences that are difficult for working owners to provide during the critical imprinting period. While you are at work, we are your eyes, ears and voices as if they were home with you. We provide individual attention and alert owners to potential problems that they may not see during the puppy's early stages.

This program aims to create all positive experience during the imprinting phase and we get PUPPIES and OWNERS “the right start!” Our EXCLUSIVE program is aimed at Troubleshooting Problems BEFORE they start! Our Puppy Socialization & Training Camps are aimed at creating the most polite, mannerly, well-balanced, bombproof puppy that we can possibly create. 

With our program, it’s possible to prevent, reduce or eliminate many common problems in a FUN, encouraging, & mentally stimulating way!

We are excited about this OPPORTUNITY to help raise BETTER & HAPPIER DOGS! As a Puppy Program member, you will also receive support materials for HOUSE TRAINING a puppy SUCCESSFULLY and troubleshooting common puppy problems. 

Check out my ebook all about puppies, I apologize in advance that the formatting isn't the best.!At_ejOvcC8fvggrW6uuNWLLrkp3v?e=YWo3HY