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Emotional Support Dog

Every program is different, call for quote 

An emotional support animal is an animal that provides a therapeutic benefit to its owner through companionship. The animal provides emotional support and comfort to individuals with psychiatric disabilities and other mental impairments. The animal is specifically trained to perform tasks for a person who suffers from emotional disabilities. Unlike a service animal, an emotional support animal is not always granted access to places of public accommodation.

Dogs do not need to be specifically trained on any key areas in order to qualify for ESD status, but our I will work with you to train your dogs to perform many key behaviors that will greatly assist you by creating a deeper bond with your dog, as well as assist your emotional needs.

Some of the training offered is very similar to the training we do for Service dogs, such as:

1) Dog will be trained to be calm and orderly in public places.

2) All of the behaviors learned while taking the obedience classes, will be tweaked and enforced during public access training.

3) Your dog will be certified as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

4) Dog will be trained to leave it and drop it. This teaches the dog that it cannot pick up anything off the ground or floor in any area.