Clinics we offer!!!!

Clinics designed to work on specific target areas for clients that would rather not take an entire 5 week course.‚Äč

Leash Monster 

Do you have a Leash Monster? You know what that means, don't you!? A dog that pulls without regard to your safety, comfort, or that of anyone else in the vicinity! Many of our clients are looking for a dedicated lesson on the art of leash walking and nothing else - this is why we think you'll love our 2 hour Leash Monster clinic! Rather than focusing on a 5 week Obedience class that covers more topics than you need why not tackle just that one issue and see instant improvements?

Come (the first time you say it)

Does your dog enthusiastically respond when you call their name followed by a "Come" command. Do they sometimes wander off and pretend to not hear you? How about the avoidance routine - "Hey, there's a person over here I have to say hi to!".... If this is your dog, then come on out to this one-time clinic that focuses ONLY on recall commands. This clinic is not necessarily for puppies to LEARN the command, but rather is a polish tool to help any dog who is NOT 95% reliable in coming each and every time you say it. If you find your self repeating your Come command - change it today with this easy and informative 2 hour clinic...

Potty Training Clinic

This clinic expands your knowledge on potty training past what you thought was possible. You'll learn specific body cues that your dog will display when they need to go potty; ways that you can encourage them to communicate their desire to go outside; definitions of how to reward (and mistakes most commonly made in rewarding) for potties, as well as useful commands to teach your dog to go potty faster (on command). The goal in potty training is to be successful, and we have put all of these tips and tricks into an informative one hour clinic that is filled to the brim with useful information, and then added a 30 minute Q&A section so everyone has time to have all of their specific questions answered.

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