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Kelly Gretel Schnebelt reviewed Passion Fur Paws — 5 star

September 8, 2016 ·

Passion Fur Paws did a great job training our dog Koda! Crystal made sure when we left training that we didn't have any questions and made sure we were training our dog properly. Just after a couple of days from the very first session there was a difference in our dogs behavior and listening. It just got better after each training. Crystal also called during the week after each session to make sure training was going good at home and to see if we had any questions. Would highly recommend taking your dogs to Passion Fur Paws for training.

Basic 1 Obedience Class 

4 week program (we meet once a week)

This is where we break it down to the very basics, we make YOU the alpha. I use just the right about of discipline and love. The best part is that I am putting the power in your hands and teaching YOU how to train your dog.

We do a 4 week session and meet once a week

We focus on teaching for understanding where we teach you AND your dog and build trust and bonding while teaching the basic commands of sit, automatic sit, heel, down, sit from a down, stay, the "leave it" and the "look" command, and recall. We also learn marker words, how to use a release word and how to properly load and unload in the car.

Basic 2 Obedience Class

4 week program (we meet once a week)

This is where we take all the information from the Basic 1 class and polish it up, we work on all the commands and work on the position of your dog as well as create distractions attached to every command so you can feel more secure that your dog will listen to you in any situation. Dogs will thrive in this situation because when they do something right around distractions they are SO proud of themselves and it gives you further confidence in them!