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Advanced Obedience 1

4 week program (we meet once a week)

We go a step further and get a little more advanced now as we are heading into training on a long lead and we are demanding more discipline out of your dog.

We work with a 15-20 foot long leash, your dogs will learn:

Drop it, Down, sit and stay from a distance, Down in motion, Sit in motion, Redirection recall. We work on teaching the meaning of these new commands, We will also work on proper placement which means that it won't be so easy as in basic obedience! We are now challenging your dog and pushing then further and making their brains really work!

(You must have either taken basic obedience with me or can test out of a basic course.) 

See What People Are Saying

Crystal has been amazing. We started looking for classes when our puppy got big enough to take me for a walk (large Goldendoodle). After a month of class, I took her for a walk today, and it was actually fun. She walked next to me the whole time, if I stopped she sat down next to me, and she didn’t try to jump at people that passed by. It was night and day different.

Heather Ries and Lily 

Advanced Obedience 2

4 week program (we meet once a week)

We are demanding more discipline out of your dog., As we work with a 15-20 foot long leash, we add on distraction work and some off leash work. We take the commands from Advanced 1 and make them a lot harder with adding the distraction work.