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About Us

I have 2 kids who mean the world to me, Taylor who is 19 and Alex who is 8. 

Alex likes to read to the puppies and you'll find Taylor snuggled up with the cats. 

I rescue and rehabilitate dogs, I am part of Freedom Rescue, I am the trainer for 

Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan for the dogs that they put in the 

Lakeland Correctional Facility for the Companion Program.

I’m on board with the efforts of the Jackson County Animal Shelter and the Cascades Humane Society to help train some of the dogs there in order to help them become more adoptable. 

I also offer a discount to rescued dogs from these facilities!

I have a 8 year old GSD, Roman who is a service dog and is pictured above, a 6 month GSD who will be focusing on protection work and bite work and a 

14 year old golden mix named Emma Lou who is in retirement now! 

I started training dogs when I moved to California in 2011 and adopted a beautiful black lab that was quite naughty and hard to live with and that's why the family gave him to us. I asked a friend if she's heard of any trainers and so I joined a training class with Sammy Sosa, later I was asked to join the company as a trainer because of how fast Sammy and I picked up on the material and how I commanded the dog with authority and compassion, I then had to confess that I also trained and showed in 4-H when I was 12-14! So I have been training, showing, and rescuing since 1994.

I was able to learn this amazing craft by taking the amazing opportunity to learn from 3 of the BEST trainers around. 2 were Wounded Warriors in the Marine Corps that had many years experience being Master Trainers, and the other trainer had always worked with and rescued dogs and had the natural touch, she was simply amazing. Neil Grogan, Kyle Cameron, and Linda Riley. The company name was getting out there, classes were getting bigger to the point that we had a waiting list and we all knew that in a few years everyone was going their separate ways since everyone was either in the Marine Corps or a spouse. I feel like I learned more from those 3, in my 3 years there than I could've learned in a lifetime. They were a true inspiration. We worked with a lot of Wounded Warriors in finding them a dog to train and then training them to be their service dog and it's amazing how you can witness a dog literally change someone's life and that is why I am passionate about working with service dogs and their handlers. 

We also held basic and advanced obedience classes. 

I am fortunate enough now to have my mentor be Hector Hernandez with First Class Dog Training!

I find it amazing as well when your family dog is giving you so much grief and stresses you out that you want to kick it out but then you make the call me, we figure out a treatment program and your dog turns it's behavior around because YOU learn how to teach your dog. You have to take the reins and learn how to teach your dog, follow through and be consistent, you don't speak dog! It isn't your fault. I am very different from most trainers, I teach quality over quantity and that's why I only take 6 dogs at the most in every class, I want to be able to give you the time and attention that you and your dog deserve from me. I also make myself available 24/7 for my clients.

Let's take this training journey side by side and learn how to teach your dog together.

I look forward to meeting you AND your dog and enjoy the funny little slideshow and video below. 

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